BMW direct injection Media Blasting Done here. Direct fuel injection systems cause your intake ports and valves to collect carbon and over time they will cause misfires and poor fuel economy. We remove your intake system, media blast your ports and valves and get you back up and going again.

Now carrying new hardware and software for BMW. We can program remotes and update software. Install and program most computer systems for BMW. Even used computers.

If you lost all your keys to the car we can install and program new keys to the car. most 2006 and up models.

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Saab Official Service Center and Parts​                              429 Industrial Drive, Wendell NC 27592

For all your Saab needs. We can program and install new keys, update software. Program your computers.

We do bumper to bumper inspections, oil changes transmission and engine repairs. 

Please contact us for an appointment.

Saab OEM parts. 

We also sell Used Saab cars. 


CIM reprogram

2003-2011 Saab


We now have the epquipment to add new remotes to you system without replacing the alarm module or CIM unit. We can go in and make your CIM unit like new so you can add new remotes or we can go in and reprogram another remote to the car. 

Also if you mail us your CIM unit we can program a new remote to it and get you back on the road. without having to see a Saab Dealer. 

Shops out there that have old CIM laying around without remote. We can virginize them so you can add new remotes just like if they were new out of the box.